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STT Tác giả Tiêu đề Năm Tên sách Xếp hạng DOI
1 Trang Thu Doan, Padma Rao Sahid and Arien van Witteloostuijn Is Timing Everything? The Timing of an M&A Announcement in a Merger Wave 2020 Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions Q3 10.1108/S1479-361X20200000019002
2 Vuong L.L., Quynh T.D., Thuan N.Q. A new solution method for solving transit assignment problems 2019 Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems Q4 10.1007/978-3-030-04792-4_11
3 Labbas E., Sahib P.R., Doan T.T. Cross-border m&as in related and technology-intensive industries: Evidence on the dynamics of spatial distance, industry context, and completion likelihood of international takeovers 2018 Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions Q4 10.1108/S1479-361X20180000017004