Students of Science in Management have given away more than 5000 helmets over the last 10 years

On May 22, 2023, Prof. Lynn Lannon and students of VISK2019A, majoring in Science in Management, a joint training program between International School and Keuka College, USA, handed out 450 helmets to more than 400 students of Vien Noi Primary School, Ung Hoa, Hanoi.

This is an activity of the Experience course for International School’s final year students taught by Prof. Lynn Lannon – a Keuka College lecturer. The project to distribute free helmets to children has become a traditional project for senior students of Science in Management over the past 10 years, with the total number of more than 5000 helmets given away. The project creates a community of beauty, sending a message about the awareness of each individual, each family, and each child when participating in traffic as well as of helping the less fortunate around us.

Students of class VISK2019A, majoring in Science in Management , handed out 450 helmets to students of

Vien Noi Primary School.

International School representatives and sponsors handed out helmets to the children.

Professor Lynn Lanon said: “I am very proud and excited to participate in the helmet-give-away to Vietnamese children ceremony . I was not able to be present in Vietnam but I could feel through the small screen the joyful atmosphere, the bright smiles of the students when receiving this meaningful gift. I hope this program will help raise awareness of traffic safety for parents and children…”

Professor Lynn Lanon closely follows and guides students despite being in the USA.

The project “Youth For Change” was initiated with the purpose and mission: “The present generation empowers future generations”. This is concretized through a series of 03 professional seminars to improve skills and awareness of three important issues including Foreign languages, Psychological health and Career opportunities; 01 activity to give away 450 free helmets to primary school students. The projects in “Youth For Change” all carry practical and meaningful messages, which are the desire of students to contribute to creating a humane and happy society.

Meaningful projects contribute to helping students grow, raising awareness and social responsibility.