The International School – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) is a higher education institution that emphasizes research-oriented, innovative, and high-quality research. It closely integrates training with scientific research and practical application, fostering a strong connection between applied sciences and the Faculty of Economics – Management. The school strives to produce high-quality human resources, nurture talents, and generate research outcomes that have national significance while adhering to international standards for the country’s socio-economic development.

Many scientific research achievements from the University have reached regional and international levels, carrying significant practical value. These accomplishments have made important contributions to the advancement of fundamental science worldwide and have been implemented domestically.

International School has increasingly invested in science and technology activities, diversifying types of creative and pioneering activities, attracting the attention and participation of many leading experts and scientists, lecturers, learners. The fields of science and technology activities of the International School are:

– Scientific research and publishcation: Basic research, in-depth research, interdisciplinary research

The International School has 15 research groups, including 01 strong research group at VNU-HN level and 01 scientist club (VISL) with in-depth and interdisciplinary research directions, focusing on lecturers and scientists. Leading the industry domestically and , bringing many high-quality research products, contributing to improving the training quality of International School.

– Scientific conferences and seminars: Participating and organizing  scientific conferences and seminars

With the policy of encouraging lecturers to strengthen their connections, learn and improve research capacity, the International School annually provides funding for nearly 20 lecturers to submit papers and participate in reports at prestigious international scientific conferences. The reports are of high quality and some of them won excellent research awards at the conference. At the same time, every year, the university organizes/co-organizes 03 prestigious international scientific conferences covering the university’s training disciplines, typically including: Annual Conference on Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation in collaboration with the Vietnam Global Organization of Science and Experts (AVSE Global).

– Implementation of domestic and foreign research topics and projects

The International School is currently leading the implementation of more than 50 projects and projects at the government level, the ministerial level, the equivalent branch and the VNU-IS level. Scientists and lecturers of the University are capable and experienced as the project leader/member. The project’s products are aimed at international scientific publications, contributing to increasing the internationalization of scientific research of the University.

Start-up – Innovation

Innovative startup activities are interested by the International School, invested in development and created playgrounds to help students perceive and experience start-up projects, improve their self-worth through Competitions on Entrepreneurship – Innovation organized by VNU-IS.