ERASMUS+ Program

ERASMUS+ Program


Program details:

Lecturer exchange:

+ Number: 01 VNU-IS lecturer teaching at AUEB and 01 AUEB lecturer teaching at VNU-IS.

+ Duration: 07 days

+ Granted funding: 1,260 euros for AUEB staff and 1,120 euros for VNU-IS staff

Student exchange:

+ Number: 01 VNU-IS student studying at AUEB

+ Duration: 5 months, registration starts in October 2023 for the programme in spring semester and in March 2024 for the summer/winter semester.

+ Granted funding: 4,250 euros

Travel expenses for both beneficiaries: 820 euros

Implementation process

–       Sign the Memorandum of Understanding between AUEB and VNU-IS

–       Publicly announce recruitment information on the University’s website

–       Conduct recruitment of VNU-IS (Recruitment protocole) lecturers and students/ receive applications from AUEB lecturers.

–       Complete the Teaching/Study mobility program and send it to partners

–       Complete the procedures for the exit/entry group

–       Implement the program by staff/students

Recruitment of lecturers and students at VNU-IS

Participants recruitment:

01 lecturer and 01 student from the Faculty of Economics and Management. It is preferable to recruit 2nd or 3rd year students.

Selection Criteria

            – Lecturers who have at least B2 English proficiency (CEFR)

            – Students who have at least B1 English level (CEFR)

            – Lecturers/students in the appropriate specilization (economics) who wish to participate in the program to improve their professional qualifications and  share/learn experiences.

            – Lecturers/students meet the requirements of Erasmus Plus Program

Selection time

            – October 2023/March 2024

Application requirements

– For lecturers

+ Proposal from the host faculty;

+ Scientific curriculum vitae;

+  Teaching mobility agreement signed by both parties (Teaching contents at AUEB/VNUIS must be suitable for majors listed in AUEB/VNUIS’s list.

– For students

            + Proposal from the faculty;

            + Curriculum Vitae;

            + Academic Transcript up to the time of application;

            + Certificate of merit and other certifications (if any);

            + Motivation letter

            + Learning mobility agreement signed by both institutions (Learning contents at AUEB/VNUIS must be suitable for majors listed in AUEB/VNUIS’s list).

Recruitment process for VNU-IS staff/students

The International School establishes a Selection Committee, consisting of representatives of the International School Board of Rectors, the Office of Research and Partnership Development, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs, and the involved faculty.

– For lecturers

            + The faculty sends the proposal and the list of the lecturers (03 applications).

            + The Selection Committee reviews the applications, selects the best candidate and approves the selection.

– For students

            + The host faculty sends a proposal with a list of excerpts of 03 students.

            + The Board will interview 03 candidates and select 01 candidate

            + Finalize the selection minutes to send to partners

Receiving AUEB lecturers to teach at the Faculty of Management and Economics/Faculty of Applied Sciences

– Receive applications from AUEB

– Send information to the Faculty of Economics and Management/Faculty of Applied Sciences to arrange teaching plans and supporting staff.

– Follow the procedures for the incoming delegation to enter according to regulations.