Industrial Systems Engineering and Logistics


The combined bachelor’s and master’s program in Industrial Systems Engineering and Logistics-Industrial Systems Engineering and Logistics (ISEL) was approved by Vietnam National University and assigned the International School to organize training according to Decision No. 1314/QD- VNU on April 21, 2022.

This program builds on similar programs of major universities around the world such as the University of Michigan, USA, and Thamasat University, Thailand. The content of the program equips learners with knowledge about industrial production as well as methods of management and application of information technology in industrial production. A very important issue in the production and distribution process is logistics, so the program is designed in two specialized directions: (1) Industrial systems engineering and (2) Logistics. Students who choose to follow these specialized directions will be equipped with deeper knowledge in  minor and give students an advantage after graduation. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the program enhances the practical ability of students, with a large amount of practice and internship shown in detail in courses as well as project and practical internships at enterprises, career and graduation thesis. In addition to the core knowledge blocks, the philosophy of the program is to train students with comprehensive capabilities, creating a foundation for long-term career development, so the program is included with content related to entrepreneurship, management and modern issues such as data mining and processing, and artificial intelligence. In order to enhance the use of English, courses from year 3 will be taught in English.

The program is designed in two phases. Students are awarded the bachelor’s degree after completing 145 credits and can register to accumulate courses in the master’s level and continue to study an integrated master’s program with just 1 year of study to be awarded a master’s degree.


See the detailed program structure here: ISEL Academic Curriculum