Informatics and Computer Engineering


The Bachelor in Informatics and Computer Engineering (ICE) was issued according to Decision No. 1066/QĐ-ĐHQGHN dated March 30, 2017 of the President of VNU. The curriculum framework, teaching methods, testing and assessment process are designed on the basis of and on the training program of Moscow University of Energy Engineering (MPEI) – the school is ranked 6th in the ranking of universities of the Russian Federation.

Students majoring in programs in Informatics and Computer Engineering are equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of Computer Engineering and Informatics (computer hardware and software) such as electronics, embedded programming, IoT, computer networking, data science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, etc. On that basis, students can research and apply specialized and interdisciplinary knowledge to solve information technology application problems in life.

The program is conducted in English with the percentage of foreign lecturers participating in teaching accounting for 25-30%. In addition, International School guarantees 100% of the textbooks and reference materials for the discipline and specialized knowledge blocks that are being used at foreign universities. Moreover, International School students can exploit the e-books and academic databases of the libraries of partner schools such as University of East London, Keuka University, University of Nantes, HELP University, Lunghwa University. One of the other strengths of the program is that students have the opportunity to work with scientists from 10 top research groups on research topics related to data science, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. , quantum computing, etc..


See the detailed program structure here: ICE- QH2019 Academic Curriculum