Accounting, Analyzing and Auditing


Since 2005, the International School has been assigned to recruit students and organize courses in Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in Russian  according to Decision No. 238/ĐT of VNU dated December 7, 2005. The program was officially issued according to Decision No. 3359/ĐT of VNU dated September 5, 2007, adjusted and updated training content according to Decision 2328/QD-DT of VNU dated August 5, 2010. The program was changed to be taught in English according to Decision No. 3885/QĐ-ĐT dated November 16, 2012 by the President of VNU, and continued to be approved by VNU into a high-quality program corresponding to the school’s specificity according to Decision No. Decision No. 3345/QĐ-ĐHQGHN dated October 24, 2016. As of December 2021, the program has trained 8 courses with a total of 1255 students, of which 362 students have graduated.

According to the recent result of a quality assessment by an independent agency, the Accounting, Analysis and Auditing program is highly appreciated for its quality program including content, teaching team, management team, teaching-learning organization, testing… The alumni highly appreciated the quality and practicality of the program. The AC students also impress the recruiters with the English proficiency, professionalism, and adaptability to work and working environment.


See the detailed program structure here: AC- QH2016-2018 Academic Curriculum

See the detailed program structure here: AC- QH2019 Academic Curriculum