Science in Management


On July 6, 2015, the President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) issued Decision No. 2406 / QĐ-ĐHQGHN to empower the International School to conduct the Bachelor of Science in Management program in partnership with Keuka College, USA.

The Bachelor of Science in Management program is organized under the cooperation between International School and Keuka College, USA, one of the oldest and prestigious private colleges, established in 1890. Keuka College is rated by USNews as one of the 26 best universities in the North of the United States. The program training process is joined by highly qualified faculty, scholars and program advisors from Keuka College to bring valuable knowledge and practical experience to students.

The highlight of the program can be seen in the process of combining the established framework being used at Keuka College (USA), with adjustments to be in line with the regulations of VNU as well as the practicality of business in Vietnam. The program is structured into a blocks, and specializations to provide all the knowledge and necessary skills for students of management science. The complements of in-depth knowledge for startup and marketing major will assist students to gain the necessary knowledge and career experience according to current trends and demands of the society, to be capable of self-oriented learning or starting up business in the field of marketing.

The program applies advanced teaching, evaluation and testing methods, which focus on taking the student as the center, improve learning capacity, self-training, develop creative thinking and address students problem. Within each subject, each experiential activity and education are the highlight and unique selling points of the training and experiential program that helps students to utilize their knowledge in the field of engineering, experience through the application of knowledge in practice. By strengthening the link between training and scientific research, experience and practice, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Management can find jobs in most industries, domestic and international enterprises, corporations in all fields, research and management organizations, as well as social and non-governmental organizations.


See the detailed program structure here: KEUKA Academic Curriculum