Informatics and Computer Engineering ICE

I. General information
1. Name of training: Informatics and Computer Engineering
2. Graduation title: PhD
3. Training period: 3 years
4. The training program awarded by the National University

II. Requirements
Candidates for admission to the PhD program in Informatics and Computer Engineering need to meet the following conditions:
- Graduated with a master's degree or graduated from a regular university with excellent grades or higher in the right major, relevant to the major for which he/she is applying (Appendix 1) or graduated with the equivalent of level 7 according to the National Qualifications Framework Vietnam has a number of specialized specialized training disciplines suitable for doctoral training. Diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions must carry out the recognition procedures according to current regulations.
- Having research experience demonstrated through the master's thesis of the research-oriented curriculum and published works. Particularly, candidates who have an application-oriented master's degree or apply for a bachelor's degree must be the author or co-author of at least 01 article in a specialized scientific journal or 01 scientific report published in the yearbook of the university. national or international scientific conferences and seminars with peer review, with ISBN publication number related to the field or research topic, approved by the title board of professor, associate professor of the discipline/interdisciplinary recognize.
(Diplomas issued by foreign educational institutions must carry out the recognition procedures according to current regulations)

III. Working experience
Having research experience demonstrated through a Master's thesis of a research-oriented training program or published scientific articles and reports or having worked for 2 years (24 months) or more as a lecturer , researchers of training institutions, science and technology organizations.
IV. English certificate
Candidates must have one of the diplomas or certificates proving foreign language ability towards the foreign language output standards of the training program approved by Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

V. Others requirements 
Following the Notification of admission

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