One-stop administrative service

In order to create favourable conditions for students in exchanging and receiving information, and handling administrative procedures; to save time and simplify administrative procedures; VNU-IS applies administrative procedures according to a one-stop mechanism through online registration for students, notifying them of the date of arrival and receiving results, without having to spend a lot of time travelling.


Step 1: – Students access the following link to join the “VNU-IS Student Community” channel. (Note: you need to use MS Team account – Download form and fill in the required information – Create new request on Approval/ Approve – Attach file Filled and submitted information – Receive an appointment to receive results via MS Team.

Step 2: – Students receive results at Student Affairs Office, 303C, Hacinco Student Village, 79 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum For detailed instructions: HTTPS://BIT.LY/3LU9HPR