Automation and Informatics


The Automation and Informatics programme was issued according to Decision No. 1186/QD-DT dated April 27, 2021 by President of VNU.

The Automation and Informatics (AAI) program is taught 100% in English. The training program was awarded by the National University linking with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). This is an interdisciplinary discipline between Electronics, Information Technology and Automation. Students enrolled in this major are equipped with methods and tools not only in the field of automation such as mechanics, electricity, electronics, microprocessors, embedded programming, automatic control, …to design or operating an automatic control system, but also in the field of information technology such as data, programming, computer networks, information systems to design or operate information systems in industry.

In line with the trend in the digital transformation era, the Automation and Informatics program focuses on training students in practical skills and enhancing English proficiency.


See the detailed program structure here: AAI Academic Curriculum