IScholar – Student Research Club

Student research is an important scientific and technological activity of the International School – Vietnam National University. Through research activities, undergraduate students and master students not only have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in real life, but also practice critical thinking, and analyze real-life problems in a comprehensive and scientific way.

With the desire to create an academic community of students of the International School – VNU, where all students who are interested and have the desire to develop themselves through research activities can work together, share and support each other in research as well as find and support learners with qualities and capabilities in research activities to collaborate with lecturers and scientists to carry out research projects. In 2022, the International School – VNUHN has established the International School Scientific Research Student Club – ISCHOLAR.

The International School Student Research Club – ISCHOLAR was established with affiliated members, managed by the Club’s Board of Directors. ISCHOLAR Club operates as a club under the management of the Office of Research and Partnership Development.

When becoming a member of ISCHOLAR, learners not only learn more specialized academic knowledge and apply to their specialized course, but they also can experience and practice soft skills, gradually build relationships and improve themselves, organize seminars, workshops on science as well as help the school connect with students and students.

STT Họ và tên Lớp Chức vụ
1 Phạm Thanh Trường ICE2020A Chủ nhiệm
2 Ngô Minh Châu FDB2022C Phó chủ nhiệm
3 Lê Huyền Trang AC2021B Trưởng ban Sự kiện
4 Trần Quốc Đăng ICE2020A Trưởng ban Truyền thông
5 Nguyễn Duy Thức BDA2021A Trưởng ban Chuyên môn
6 Lê Minh Châu DUAL-MKT2021A Phó Trưởng ban Sự kiện
7 Phạm Thanh Hà FDB2022C Phó trưởng ban Truyền thông
8 Hoa Thị Bích Ngọc BDA2022A Phó trưởng ban Chuyên môn
9 Giàng Thị Chi AC2022B Phó Trưởng ban Sự kiện
10 Ngô Ngọc Trà My FDB2022C Phó Trưởng ban Truyền thông

– Spirit: The club is an organization of International School students operating with the spirit of voluntary participation of the members. The club’s activities strictly comply with the guidelines and of the Party, the policies and the regulations of the International School.

– Membership: Club members include students who are studying at the International School or youth who are not part of the International School but have the desire and conditions to participate.

– Role: Activities of the club contribute to creating a useful and healthy playground to train and improve the knowledge of psychology and mental health for students; contribute well to the completion of the Education – Training tasks of the International School.

– Activities: Practice, competition and other activities of the club are managed by the Board of Directors . The Club’s Board of Directors is elected by the members for a term of 1 year (operating from the beginning of the year to the end of the school year).

2. Organizational Structure:

2.1. Organization Chart:

2.2. Partcipants:

Including students of International School – VNUHN and youth people who are not students of the International School, students who have a passion for  research, who are dynamic, creative, love to explore, desire to develop themselves and build a learning environment with empathy, sharing and connection.

3. Direction of regular activities:

– Training, coaching, guiding and exchanging knowledge on  research and entrepreneurship, following the direction of innovation and creativity:

– Connect and motivate students:

– Support students in practical experience activities and professional theory