Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs


With a mission to create a learning experience environment that helps learners work towards academic success, cross-cultural competence, social responsibility, personal development and career readiness, the Student Affairs Department We strive to provide students with the best student services possible. Through activities & events, we: ENGAGE, INSPIRE, PREPARATE every ISER to become a full-fledged global citizen



Student Affairs Department provides learners with the following services:

1. Administrative procedures Student cards, student cards, bus tickets, health insurance and other administrative and certification procedures

2. Translation Psychological counseling services One-to-one, group and school counseling services- extensive psychological education and counseling activities

3. Career services, internship support Job portal services, support to find internships, practice skills, connect with business and partner networks

4. Support student clubs Support set up student clubs, mentors and connect support resources club student support

5. Alumnus Care Alumni support with employment, networking, exchange and other special services for alumni

6. Academic advising scholarships , financial support Support information, advising learners on scholarship regimes, receiving scholarship applications as well as proposing financial aid for needy students, depending on the policies.