Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs


The Office of Academic Affairs is a functional unit of International School – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU-IS), established in July 2002 along with the Vietnam-Russia International School (now International School), firstly named as the Academic Affairs and Research & Development Department. In 2014, it was changed to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. In November 2017, it was separated into 02 independent units as Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Student Affairs. In January 2022, a division of the Office of Academic Affairs was separated to form the Office of Graduate Studies. From this onward, the Office of Academic Affairs officially is a functional unit of International School in accordance with Decision No.68/QD-DHQGHN by President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

After 20 years of establishing and developing, although the Office of Academic Affairs has had many changes in its name, functions and duties, it is still performing the role of consulting, building, and managing training programs; conducting admission; organizing and managing academic affairs; and managing students. The Office of Academic Affairs currently consists of the following main divisions: VNU undergraduate programs, joint training programs, foundation program, and admission division. From a unit that took charge of only 1 Russian undergraduate program in 2002, thanks to the determination, creativity, and outstanding effort of all the staff, from 2004 to 2011 the Office of Academic Affairs had successfully opened many international joint training programs with foreign partners from UK, Malaysia, France, and USA, then quickly expanded the scale and opened more training programs and training models.  Beside the growth of existing joint training programs, undergraduate programs with degrees awarded by VNU have also been developed in the following years. Currently, the Office of Academic Affairs is organizing and implementing 15 undergraduate programs in English with different majors. From the scale of 1000 students from the beginning up to now, the Office of Academic Affairs  manages more than 4500 students, including international students from 14 different countries.

All undergraduate programs are regular training designed in accordance with the standards of prestigious accredited universities in the world, including 7 programs with degrees awarded by VNU, 3 combined bachelor and master programs with degrees awarded by VNU, 2 dual-degree programs, and 3 joint training programs with degree awarded by international partners, which are all recognized by Ministry of Education and Training. Since its establishment, despite the adjustment in duties, the Office of Academic Affairs has been playing a key role in developing the training models and implementing VNU-IS mission in organizing undergraduate programs in foreign languages based on international standards, actively applying and transferring training technology of foreign partners, and meeting the needs of the domestic and foreign labor market of high quality labor force, gradually contributing to the internationalization index of VNU.

Since its establishment, the Office of Academic Affairs has been led and operated by 04 Heads who are all dedicated teachers, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Duc Nga (2002 – 2006); Dr. Tran Anh Hao (2007 – 2014); Dr. Mai Anh (2014 – 2021); and Dr. Tran Duc Quynh (2022 – present). The main mission of the Office of Academic Affairs throughout its development is to constantly strengthen and improve the quality of academic activities to make it more professional, creative, quality, and friendly in order to provide students with the best service and to meet the requirements of VNU-IS.

During its operation, thanks to the solidarity of the staff, the support and guidance of the Party Committee and Board of Rectors, the Office of Academic Affairs has continuously been recognized for outstanding achievements and awarded flags and certificates at different levels. Many staff of the Office of Academic Affairs received noble titles for their outstanding contribution to VNU-IS.



The Office of Academic Affairs is a functional unit of International School – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU-IS) with the role of consulting, building, and managing undergrad training programs; conduction admission; organizing and managing academic affairs; and managing students.



  1. Consult Rector about determining the training objectives, scale, and occupational structure; promulgate regulations and guidelines in the management and organization of academic activities, and management of lecturers and students.
  2. Build training programs and academic plans:
  3. Take charge of building and adjusting the documents to open new training programs, double-degree programs, etc.
  4. Build the development strategy, mid-term plan and long-term plan for VNU-IS academic activities; research and propose solutions to improve procedure, methods, and training quality management.
  5. Build and submit the annual and semester plan for approval; build and manage academic schedule for all programs.
  6. Organize and manage academic activities:
  7. Organize and supervise the implementation of training plan by intake, semester, and academic year, including: course registration, lecture hall arrangement, academic schedule, internship, extracurricular; organize transferring and short-term training in accordance to the requirement of each program.
  8. Manage, inspect, supervise, and evaluate the training quality by the implementation of rules, regulations, timetables, academic schedule of lecturers in accordance to the academic plan and approved syllabus of each course. Cooperate with other departments in inviting and managing lecturers and carrying relating procedure.
  9. Guide and instruct students about academic regulation, examination and assessment; manage student during their study at VNU-IS;
  10. Coordinate with the Office of Planning – Finance in collecting tuition fees and dealing with student who violate regulation relating to tuition fee payment.
  11. Collaborate with Centre for Quality Assurance and Testing to do testing and quality assurance work for VNU-IS;
  12. Manage study result of students; issue degrees and certificates; provide academic result for scholarship consideration; retain original exam scoresheets and related training materials; manage and coordinate with relevant departments in carrying out procedures for granting certificates and degrees; verify the legitimacy of the student’s degrees upon request; implement the storage and statistic of exam result data, exam attendance list, and academic documents;
  13. Be permanent members of the following committees: Academic committee for consideration of reservation, expulsion, return after reservation; Graduation consideration committee;
  14. Build and monitor the plan of internship and thesis;
  15. Build and implement the plan of thesis defense; propose and cooperate with other departments to organize the opening ceremony and commencement;
  16. Do statistical reports on academic affairs following the regulations issued by higher-level authorities or by the Rector;
  17. Sign and issue some academic documents in accordance to the list of authorization by Rector.
  18. Admissions:
    1. Develop a plan for enrollment quota; build admission announcement; participate in promoting and consulting activities;
    2. Be permanent members of Admission Committee and Sub-committee and perform the duties of those committees as prescribed; inspect applicant documents; implement admission activities relating to student enrollment;
  19. Manage the academic software, graduation software, and undergrad portal according to regulations of VNU; manage the academic portal on VNU-IS website (in English and Vietnamese); and manage some content on the admission portal of VNU and Ministry of Education and Training;
  20. Collaborate with Office of Administration and Human resources, Office of Planning -Finance in issuing regulations on working conditions, financial matters, training sessions for lecturers, managers and other related staffs.

Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.