Mission & Vision


VNU-IS’s mission is to conduct training, scientific research, technology transfer oriented according to international accreditation standards based on basic sciences, applied sciences, interdisciplinary sciences and knowledge transfer, to contribute to increasing the internationalization index in Vietnam National University, Hanoi, to provide high-quality human resources and scientific – technological products of international standards to serve the country development.


To be a center of training, research, knowledge transfer, pioneering in the direction of multi-discipline, multi-field, meeting social requirements, with high integration, meeting international accreditation standards, exporting education products at home and into a number of countries in the region; to become an international innovation center within Vietnam National University, Hanoi, gathering interdisciplinary scientists to solve complex scientific, technical and social problems of regional and international stature; to build an environment of academic freedom, multiculturalism, interference between disciplines and fields.


High Quality, Creativity, Pioneering, Responsibility and International Integration


“Study and create with the world”