PhD. Than Van Thai

  • Position: Lecturer
  • Title: PhD
  • Email:
  • Working offices: Faculty of Applied Sciences, Room 408, Building C, HACINCO Student Village, 99-Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi and Center for Biomedicine and Community Health, Building C, HACINCO Student Village, 99-Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

Academic Degrees

  • Bachelor: VET, Vietnam national university of agriculture
  • Master: Medical science, Chung-Ang University
  • PhD: Medical science, Chung-Ang University
  • Postdoc: Medical science, Chung-Ang University

Research Areas

  • Research interests:
  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Molecular Biomedicine
  3. Molecular diagnosis
  4. Immunology
  5. Vaccine
  • Teaching subjects:
  1. Research Methodology
  2. Biotechnology in medical science
  3. Applied immunology


  • Bac NH, Thang NC, Lan Anh LT, Minh NN, Quan DH, Than VT*. Human papillomavirus prevalence and genotype distribution in Vietnamese male patients between 2016 and 2020.
  • Tran HQ*, Than VT*, Luu PL, Declan Clarke, Lam HN, Nguyen DT, Le KV, Nguyen TV, Le MT, Hoang XT, Phan QD, Tran TH, Phung D, Nguyen MN. A Novel Melatonergic Signature Predicts Recurrence Risk and Therapeutic Response in Breast Cancer Patients.
  • Duong HQ*, Than VT*, Nguyen HT, Nguyen PT, Bui NH, Dang PL, Dinh TT, You KS, Dang TH, Seong YS. Anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitor NVP‑TAE684 suppresses the proliferation of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells.
  • Nguyen TT, Nguyen TTT, Tran VT, Tan VL, Danh TL, Than VT*. Development of Antibacterial, Antioxidant, and UV-Barrier Chitosan Film Incorporated with Piper betle Linn Oil as Active Biodegradable Packaging Material.
  • Tran HD, Tran HT, Le UP, Vu XD, Trinh BN, Than VT, Phung TH, Le VP. Direct colorimetric LAMP assay for rapid detection of African swine fever virus: A validation study during an outbreak in Vietnam.
  • Than VT, Jeong S, Kim W. Characterization of RotaTeq® vaccine-derived rotaviruses in South Korean infants with rotavirus gastroenteritis. J Med Virol. 87(1):112–116. PMID: 24817171.
  • Than VT, Jeong S, Kim W. A systematic review of genetic diversity of human rotavirus circulating in South Korea. Infect Genet Evol. 28:462–469. PMID: 25218045.
  • Than VT, Kim W. Prevalence of rotavirus genotypes in South Korea in 1989-2009: implications for a nationwide rotavirus vaccine program. Korean J Pediatr. 56(11):465-473. PMID: 24348658.
  • Than VT, Baek IH, Lee HY, Kim JB, Shon DH, Chung IS, Kim W. Expression of recombinant rotavirus proteins harboring antigenic epitopes of the hepatitis a virus polyprotein in insect cells. Biomol Ther. 20(3):320-325. PMID: 24130930.



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Research Projects

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Working process

  • From 7/2022: Lecturer, International School, Vietnam National University, Ha Noi.
  • From 9/2020-6/2022: Lecturer, Phenikaa University.
  • From 9/2017-9/2020: Lecturer, Nguyen Tat Thanh University.
  • From 12/2015-6/2017: Research professor, Chung-Ang University, South Korea.
  • From 8/2014-11/2015: Postdoc, Chung-Ang University, South Korea.

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