PhD.Ha Manh Hung

PhD. Ha Manh Hung

  • Position:  Lecturer
  • Title: PhD
  • Email:
  • Working offices: Faculty of Applied Sciences, Room 408, Building C, HACINCO Student Village, 99-Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Special in Computer Vision and Robot

Research Areas

  • Research interests:
  1. Image|Video understanding, SpatioTemporal Activity Recognition
  2. Event Recognition
  3. Behaviors Analysis
  4. 2D3D Object Detection
  5. Multi-object Tracking
  6. Pattern Recognition
  7. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  8. and Knowledge Representation
  9. Real-Time Systems
  • Teaching subjects: Introduction to applied, Data structure and algorithm, Information technology, Programming techniques, Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Optimization models and algorithm, Python, Machine learning, and Deep learning.


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  • Manh-Hung Ha (Invited Talk). Evaluation of tracking and recognition of multiple subjects for homecare. Yunlin University, Taiwan, seminar at the Workshop, 2019.
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  • Manh-Hung Ha, Pham, T.-A., Nguyen, V.-T. & Nong, V.-H. (2021). Mô hình học sâu nâng cao ứng dụng cho xe tự hành phát hiện đối tượng và nhận dạng hành động điều khiển của cảnh sát giao thông, In national conference on electronics, communications and information technology (REV-ECIT), Vietnam


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Research Projects

  • Web mining and application for searching and retrieval of topic information. Thai Nguyen University (2015-2016) 
  • Action recognition for Traffic Police, Automotive Research Testing Center (ARTC), (05/2020-05/202)
  • Advance deep learning for multiple actions recognition, Ministry of Education (MOE), 109-2622-E-194-004 (05/2020-07/2021)
  • Abnormal action recognition for elder in homecare system, Center for Innovative Research on Aging Society (CIRAS), 110-2221-E-194-025, (10/2016-10/2020)
  • Action recognition analyses for homecare, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), 108-2221-E-194-054 (10/2017-10/2020)

Working process

  • From 09/2009-06/2021: Lecture -Researcher at Computer Science of Department, Information Communication Technology of University (ICTU).
  • From 2021-2022: Visiting Lecture -Researcher. Fundamental Computing of Department, FPT University
  • From 2021-07/2022: Lecturer-Researcher. Electrical Engineering of Department, Phenikaa University
  • From 15/07/2022-Now: Lecturer-Researcher at International School, Vietnam National University.