Chu Dinh Toi, PhD

Chu Dinh Toi, PhD, successfully defended his Doctorate in Medicine (Biomedicine) in 2015 at Bialstock Medical University and Polish Academy of Sciences under the guidance of a famous American professor in Molecular Biomedicine. Leslie P Kozak. Previously, Chu Dinh Toi attended Master of Biomedical Sciences in Biology (Biomedicine) at Ulsan University, Korea. From 2015 to 2018, Chu Dinh Toi did his post-doctoral research at the Norwegian Center for Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo Norway and the Norwegian Institute of Cancer Research, under the prestigious Marie Curie Scholars in Medicine program of the European Union. In 2021, Chu Dinh Toi was invited to be a Visiting Professor at the School of Medicine, National Chen Kung University, Taiwan. Currently, Chu Dinh Toi is the Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences and Director of Center for Biomedicine and Community Health International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

– Chu Dinh Toi has published more than 100 ISI/Scopus articles; 12 books and book chapters; currently he is the Associate Editor of Bioengineered magazine (SCIE, IF 3.269) and Academic Editor of PLOS ONE magazine (SCIE, IF 3.240).
– In 2022, Chu Dinh Toi received the Certificate of Merit from the President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi for outstanding achievements in scientific research and international publication
– In 2019, Chu Dinh Toi also received Dang Van Ngu Award (Scientific Contribution and Cooperation Award) of Hanoi Medical University.
– In 2018, Chu Dinh Toi received the Golden Globe Award for young talents in the field of Science and Technology from the Central Youth Union and the Ministry of Science.
– In 2018, Chu Dinh Toi also received The Youth Creative Badge awarded by the Central Youth Union
– From November, 2015 to November, 2018, Chu Dinh Toi received Marie Curie Postdoctoral Scholars in Medicine (Scientia Fellows) of the European Union.
– From January, 2012 to November, 2015, Chu Dinh Toi received European Union Full Doctoral Scholarship from Polish Science Foundation.
– From February, 2009 to February, 2011, Chu Dinh Toi received full scholarship for Master’s degree in Korea.