MPEI projects awarded prizes at International contest Quality Innovation Award 2021

The award was organized for the 15th time, and the nominees represented China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Litva, Russia, South Africa, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and other countries.

Altogether the contest considered 516 innovations in 8 nominations, with 25 best ones meriting awards and prizes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the traditional ceremony of awarding has been postponed and is carried out in April 2022 by a partner organization of QIA, Russian Quality Organization at MPEI.

The winners in every category have gone through the rigid evaluation of the projects based on their modernity, user-friendliness, learning, client orientation and efficiency. This year 3 MPEI projects have participated in the contest. Two of them were awarded prizes, one of them an absolute winner, another one a prize winner. These are the best achievements of Russian projects so far!

Here is the data about the awardees.

In the Business Innovation for Large Companies nomination the winner is a mutual project of MPEI and JSC Ion-exchange technologies on the topic: “Highly efficient system of water cleansing for potable quality for open thermal network supply”. The project leader from MPEI is the Head of the Theoretical Bases of Heat Engineering​ Department, Ph.D. Konstantin Orlov.

For the first time, it was proposed to use nanofiltration to obtain make-up water for an open-type heating system, which leads to a reduction in operating costs and a reduction in the cost of treated water compared to both traditional technologies and reverse osmosis, as well as to obtaining water more suitable for drinking purposes compared to reverse osmosis permeate.

In the Potential Innovations nomination the prize has been given to an MPEI project on “Autonomous energy source based on micro hydro power plants using the principles of nature-like technologies”. The head of the project is the director of the Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machines​ Department, Dr.Sc. Alexander Volkov. High-efficiency hydro turbines for autonomous energy sources with a vane system, designed using the principles of the “whale fin” and “shark gills” structure, increase the efficiency and reliability of hydroelectric units.