International School conducts regular SARS CoV-2 testing for all lecturers and staff

Due to the increased risk of Covid-19 infection in the community, since December 2021, International School has conducted weekly Covid-19 testing using Realtime RT-PCR for its lecturers and staff.

After a long holiday, on the first day at work, the institution conducted SARS-CoV-2 testing with Rapid Antigen Test and Realtime RT-PCR. On top of that, since the Lunar New Year holiday, to ensure the safety of VNU-IS lecturers and staff, the testing is conducted twice per week using both Rapid Antigen Test and Realtime RT-PCR.

VNU Hospital is the institution in charge of collecting all the samples weekly.

Accordingly, the sample collection at VNU-IS is conducted by the staff from VNU Hospital. The collection process is carried out very quickly, ensuring the 5K message at all times. Furthermore, all staff who came for the test strictly performed health declaration, wore masks, washed their hands, and remained a safe distance from others. 

The periodical testing supports the management and monitoring of high-risk subjects, quickly detects infected cases to avoid the spread of Covid-19 within the institution. During the testing process, if a case is discovered promptly, the quarantine, localization, and control of the pandemic will be undertaken more easily, boosting the protection of all lecturers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

VNU-IS Board of Rectors place a strong emphasis on the periodical testing for lecturers and staff.

As such, the regular SARS-CoV-2 testing for VNU-IS lecturers and staff has shown the attention to the well-being of employees, and the high responsibility to the society and community. This conduct has also massively contributed to raise the awareness of lecturers and staff in pandemic prevention and self-protection in the face of high-risk infection.

All lecturers and staff strictly follow the weekly testing process.   

Following the Tet holiday, VNU-IS lecturers and staff have promptly resumed their work to prepare for the online learning from 14 February and face-to-face learning from February 28. VNU-IS has been rapidly mobilizing the facilities and planning for pandemic prevention measures to ensure the highest safety of all staff, lecturers and students. The return to VNU-IS campus is such a great news to all staff and students. Nonetheless, during the Covid-19 pandemic, every single student is required to strictly follow the 5K message, wear masks at all times, and disinfect all classrooms.  

The negative Covid-19 testing results made the lecturers and staff to be more confident when coming to the office every day. 

International School is entirely ready for new year 2022 with numerous challenges. With great determination from its lecturers, staff and students, the institution is set to overcome any obstacles to accomplish its missions ahead.