Assoc.Prof.Dr.  Tingting (Rachael) Chung

Dr. Tingting (Rachel) Chung is Clinical Associate Professor of Operations and Information Systems. She holds a Doctorate of Business Administration/Management Information Systems in Psychology and a Master of Science in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Research by Dr. Chung was published onJournal of Association for Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Managerial Psychology, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, AIS Transactions on HCI, and Omega. Dr. Chung has given many presentations at international conferences, including ICIS, ICAIF, AoM, INFORMS, and SIGCSE. Research by Dr. Jointly supported by Research InstituteACFE Research Institute (ARI), Blockchain Lab of William & Mary, andNational Security Agency.

Dr. Chung is a lecturer and coordinator of the Management Information System, Data Analytics program at Chatham University, USA. Her research focuses on Behavioral Security, Financial Fraud and Knowledge Management.