VNU-IS promotes cooperation with Herzen University, Russia

On March 29th, 2023, the International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU-IS) hosted a virtual meeting with Herzen University, Russia to explore the cooperative possibilities between the two institutions in the coming time.

The meeting was held with the participation of representatives from both institutions: From Herzen University, Ms. Komarova Yulia Alexandrovna, Principal Advisor and representatives from the Office of International Affairs, Foreign Affairs Committee of Saint Petersburg City; Foundation for Russian-Vietnamese Cooperation “Traditions and Friendship”; From VNU-IS, Dr. Tran Anh Hao, Vice-Rector, and representatives from the Offices of Research and Partnership Development, Academic Affairs, and Center for Consulting, Training and Knowledge Transfer.

At the meeting, the two sides introduced briefly their institutions, focusing on their outstanding achievements and strengths. The two parties also discussed the cooperative possibilities to foster academic and research cooperation between the two institutions. In that connection, Herzen University expressed its interest in establishing a Herzen’s open education center at VNU-IS in order to introduce Russian language and culture to Vietnamese students. Herzen University is sending a delegation to VNU-IS in April 7th 2023 and they hope to continue to discuss potential collaborations with VNU-IS.

Herzen University was founded in 1797 in the heart of St. Petersburg, the city known as the Northern Capital of Russia. Over the course of its history, Herzen University has established a tradition of teaching excellence, and embraced the dignity of St Petersburg-one of the most beautiful cities in the world, famous for its monuments, its museums, and its vibrant cultural and academic life. Today the University remains among the leaders in Russian education, a major cultural and educational centre, a unique multidisciplinary research and educational complex which maintains and develops the best Russian academic and cultural traditions. Herzen has 7 faculties, 16 academic institutes, 5 research institutions, 98 departments with more than 300 academic programs. Herzen has more than 1,000 doctors, 400 doctors of science, 1,400 teaching staff. University has partnerships with 60 overseas universities and other academic institutions. The University hosts more than 3,000 international students. Herzen University is ranked 3rd place among pedagogical universities of the Russian Federation (Webometrics RANKING WEB OF UNIVERSITIES).