Nguyen Tuan Thanh (Business Data Analytics major) and Pham Ngoc Canh (International Business major), the two students from the International School, VNU were chosen to participate in the international study program “ASEAN in Today’s World (AsTW)” in 2023.

Students joining the program are all outstanding students from ASEAN + 3 countries. It was an honor for Vietnam National University to have two students chosen to participate in the program . Selected students are required to have strong academic records (GPA from 3.0/4.0), be knowledgeable in the fields of culture and society, and have the ability to communicate and present in English well.

Nguyen Tuan Thanh and Pham Ngoc Canh participated in the international exchange s program in Thailand from March 13th to March 24th, 2023.

The two students from the International School chosen for “ASEAN in Today’s World” are both exceptional in their academic performances, fluent in English, and actively taking part in extracurricular activities.

Nguyen Tuan Thanh is an outstanding student at the International School, an expert in “Scholarship Hunting” who received the valedictorian scholarship and the ADF (Asia Development Foundation, Korea) scholarship. He continuously challenged himself in diverse activities, and startup competitions. He achieved several prestigious accomplishments, such as being named the winner of “Hack4SVGrowth 2021”, and winning the third prize in the “Students with Start-up Ideas” (SV_STARTUP) nationwide competition.

Pham Ngoc Canh is the student who got the direct admission scholarship for the International Business program and the Nitori International Scholarship. Along with his good academic standing, he also enthusiastically joined various programs and activities for students and won multiple sports prizes.

Two students from the VNU-IS and those from other universities in Vietnam took pictures together.

The Kyushu University (Japan) and the Mahidol University (Thailand) host the 15th AsTW program from March 13th to March 24th, 2023, in Thailand. On the first day of the program, two students from the VNU-IS had a chance to visit the Mahidol University campus and network with other international students.

“ASEAN in Today’s World” was first organized in 2009, with the objectives of deepening understanding of ASEAN and East Asian affairs for students, learning languages, meeting and greeting other international students, and experiencing culture together via cultural visits. The program is annually organized by Kyushu University with their partner universities in ASEAN countries.

The International School’s acceptance rate for international student exchange programs is high due to its competitive advantages in academic achievement, scientific research, English proficiency, and extracurricular activities. Many students at the International School annually join the international exchange programs which favor their knowledge advancement, essential soft skills learning, network development with international friends and language and communication skills improvement, all of which will better assist them in their careers and lives after graduation.

Students from ASEAN+3 countries participated in the international exchange program.

May Nguyen Tuan Thanh and Pham Ngoc Canh to learn valuable knowledge, and develop their network with international friends during their studying trip.