Organizational Structure

Deans’ Council

  1. Dean: Dr. Chu Dinh Toi
  2. Vice Dean: Dr. Tran Thi Oanh
  3. Vice Dean: Dr. Le Duc Thinh

Lecturers and permanent staff


No First and last name Study rank, academic degree Position Email
1 Chu Dinh Toi PhD Dean
2 Tran Thi Oanh PhD Vice Dean
3 Le Duc Thinh PhD Lecturer
4 Truong Cong Doan PhD Lecturer
5 Nguyen Doan Dong PhD Lecturer
6 Tran Anh Hao PhD Vice-Rector, VNU-IS
7 Le Xuan Hai PhD Lecturer
8 Pham Thi Viet Huong PhD Lecturer
9 Nguyen Ngoc Linh PhD Vice Dean, Office of Research and Partnership Development
10 Tran Duc Quynh PhD Head, Office of Academic Affairs
11 Kim Dinh Thai PhD Lecturer
12 Nguyen Hai Thanh Associate Professor, PhD, Elite Lecturer Senior Lecturer
13 Le Trung Thanh Associate Professor, PhD Rector, VNU-IS
14 Nguyen Quang Thuan PhD Vice Rector, VNU-IS
15 Le Duy Tien Ph.D. student, MS Vice Dean, Office of Graduate Studies
16 Bui Thanh Tung MS Lecturer
17 Nguyen Thanh Tung Associate Professor, PhD Senior Lecturer
18 Nguyen Van Tinh PhD Lecturer
19 Pham Hai Yen MS Lecturer
29 Nguyen Van Tanh PhD Lecturer. Manager, Division of Facilities Management and Information Technology. Secretary, Youth Union
21 Nguyen Anh Tuan MS Deputy Head, Office of Personnel and Administrative Affairs
22 Vu Thi Hue Master’s Student, BSc. Lecturer (Intern)
23 Bui Nhat Le Master’s Student, BPharm. Lecturer (Intern)
24 Nguyen Quynh Huong MS Academic Officer
25 Truong Ngoc Anh MS Academic Officer
26 Vu Ngoc Suong Mai Master’s Student, BSc. Academic Officer /Researcher
27 Than Van Thai PhD Lecturer
28 Ha Manh Hung PhD Lecturer
29 Nguyen Dang Khoa PhD Lecturer
30 Pham Ngoc Thanh PhD Lecturer
31 Hoang Duy BSc. Lecturer (Intern)
32 Do Manh Dung BSc. Lecturer (Intern)


Senior Advisors


No First and last name Study rank, academic degree Position Email
1 Ho Tu Bao Professor, D.Sc. Senior Advisor
2 Tran Chi Professor, D.Sc. Senior Advisor
3 Nguyen Dinh Duc Professor, D.Sc. Senior Advisor
4 Tran Thi Thanh Tu Professor, D.Sc. Senior Advisor


Visiting Lecturers


No First and last name Study rank, academic degree Units are/have worked/researched Email
1 Bui Nguyen Quoc Trinh Associate Professor PhD Vietnam Japan University, VNU
2 Nguyen Thi Hong Van PhD Foreign Trade University
3 Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy PhD Thuong Mai University
4 Nguyen Trong Kuong PhD Vietnam Academy of Agriculture
5 Nguyen Hai Vinh PhD University of Science, VNU
6 Nguyen Dinh Tran Long MS Hanoi University
7 Nguyen Tien Hien PhD Vietnam Academy of Agriculture
8 Nguyen Huy Anh MS Feng Chia University – Taiwan
9 Nguyen Thu Thuy PhD Hanoi University of Education
10 Chu Duc Hoang PhD Ministry of Science and technology
11 Nguyen Thi Minh Tam PhD University of Lorraine, French Republic
12 Bui Thi Thuy MS Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment
13 Nguyen Dinh Van PhD Hanoi University of Science and Technology
14 Nguyen Thi Van Anh PhD Hanoi Pedagogical University
15 Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai PhD Thuong Mai University
16 Nguyen Ngoc Diep PhD Vietnam National University, Hanoi
17 Nguyen Van Hanh PhD Hanoi University of Science and Technology
18 Do Trung Tuan MS University of Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie
19 Phan Xuan Thanh PhD Hanoi University of Science and Technology