About the Faculty of Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Sciences, International School, VNU was established based on Decision No. 3868/QĐ-ĐHQGHN dated December 1, 2021, on the establishment of the International School, and Decision No. 168/QĐ-ĐHQGHN on the establishment of the International School in terms of implementing activities of the International School from January 26, 2022, by the President of VNU. The predecessor of the Faculty of Applied Sciences was the Department of Natural Sciences and Technology, which was established based on the Regulations on the organization and operation of the International Faculty (the predecessor of the current International School), which was approved by the Department of Science and Technology, issued in Decision No. 250/QĐ-TCCB dated April 26, 2004, by the President of VNU.

During its development, the Faculty of Applied Sciences has always successfully and excellently completed all training, scientific and technological tasks, and other assigned tasks, contributing to the implementation of the mission of the International School. “Training, scientific research, technology transfer oriented according to international accreditation standards based on basic science, applied science, interdisciplinary science and knowledge transfer, contributing to providing human resources and high-quality, international-standard scientific and technological products to serve the development of the country”, contributing to building and promoting the core values ​​of “High Quality, Innovation, Creation, Pioneering, Responsibility and International Integration”.

In the current period, the Faculty of Applied Sciences is the host to implement 04 university-level training programs: Bachelor of Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Business Data Analysis (both offered by VNU), Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Automation Engineering and Informatics (which are training programs affiliated with Moscow Energy University, awarded by VNU). These are also training programs developed by the Faculty and actively completed and updated periodically to meet the requirements of the highly qualified human resource market, and the needs of stakeholders, organizations and individuals who are employer units. The Faculty also successfully participated in building 02 Master and Doctoral training programs in Informatics and Computer Engineering (both awarded by VNU). There are training programs that have been approved by VNU and will be implemented soon in the academic year 2022-2023.

The Faculty’s lecturers also teach in all other training programs of the University, undergraduate as well as graduate level, in charge of many subjects related to Informatics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Systems Information systems, Data analysis, Financial computing, Statistics and Decision making, Quantitative methods for business and administration, as well as natural science modules such as General Biology for students of other majors. The Faculty is also the focal point in charge of computer practice rooms and informatics and information systems laboratories, intelligent integration laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, and laboratories with technologies of Siemens at the International School. Besides teaching and training activities, lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Applied Sciences also carry out diverse and quality scientific and technological activities and have a lot of scientific works, monographs and textbooks, projects and topics at the grassroots level, national university level, ministerial level, and state level.

In particular, in 2021, the full-time lecturers of Faculty have completed or have been participating in 15 projects at all levels (of which the Chairman of 02 state levels under the Nafosted Foundation, 02 levels of VNU, 01 projects at the department level, 01 international cooperation project). At the same time, they participated in writing 03 chapters of monographs published internationally), published more than 40 scientific papers internationally in journals with the ISI/Scopus index or peer-reviewed journals, proceedings of international scientific conferences in the list of ISI/Scopus, in which there are many papers in the top 5% in the world.    The Faculty’s scientific works focus on the following fields: data science, artificial intelligence (AI); scientific optimization and computation; quantum optics; IoT technology and big data, information systems and business-economics data analysis, and biomedical technology and public health

Since its foundation, the former Department of Natural Science and Technology and the current Faculty of Applied Sciences have always focused on strengthening the teaching staff as well as the management staff. Many lecturers have been assigned to be in charge and chair the Department of Natural Science and Technology through different periods. In the beginning, the Dean of the International School (the predecessor of the International School) was directly in charge of the Department. By April 2009, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Hai Thanh was the Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Affairs at that time and was assigned to be the first Head of the Department. Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thanh Tung was appointed Head of the Department in 2015, and then Dr Pham Thi Hue has been the Head of the Department since 2017. In the next period, Dr Nguyen Quang Thuan is the Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Affairs and has been directly in charge of the Department since 2018, and Dr Tran Duc Quynh was the Head of the Department from 2019 to January 2022. In February 2022, Dr Chu Dinh Toi was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences right after the Faculty was established.

With the view that people are the key to development, the Faculty always focuses on building a lean, high-quality faculty. In the early days, the Department of Natural Science and Technology had only a few full-time lecturers, up to now, the Faculty has a team of qualified lecturers including 02 professors, 03 associate professors, 13 doctors, 03 masters, etc., most of whom graduated from foreign advanced universities with high rankings. Besides, the Faculty has a team of visiting lecturers and research collaborators from major universities in Hanoi such as the University of Technology (VNU), the University of Natural Sciences (VNU), Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, etc. and foreign universities such as Deakin University (Australia), Chatham University (USA), etc.