Students clubs


Summer has come, and students are getting closer to summer vacation with travel trips, practical learning courses, and soft skills training courses. Besides, there are also volunteering activities and opportunities for students to join. Economic and Management Union has participated in extremely interesting activities, including exam support activities and green summer to dispel the heat of Hanoi.

Exam Season Support Activities:

This is an activity that is no longer strange to students every summer with the aim of contributing to and supporting candidates during the exam period in the best way, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the exam process. The Economics and Management Union of International School has officially launched this campaign because the national high school graduation and transfer contests are one of the most important and difficult competitions in a student’s life. Therefore, supporting candidates is very necessary and humane, helping them have more motivation. strength, and more power to fight. To be specific, the Union assisted Le Ngoc Han and Phan Dinh Phung high school with enthusiasm and voluntariness. The Union provided students with different types of drinks and gifted them souvenirs to motivate students to successfully complete the exam.

Green Summer Activities:

Green Summer is an annual activity program organized by the International School Youth Union aimed at students with long-term activities, with the desire to contribute their labor to humanitarian and social programs such as helping people build roads and bridges, building houses of love, eradicating illiteracy, etc. This is a campaign that will take place on all roads of the country and is a long journey that promises to bring invaluable experiences fun and memorable in your summer 2023. The Economics and Management Union assisted the IS Youth Union in visiting Cao Bang and supporting people in difficult circumstances with gifts, daily personal items and cash with the desire to give them a better life and create life values.