Functions and Missions

1. Training Activities:

· Develop and organize the implementation of educational and training activities according to the overall plan of the International School.

· Plan and organize scientific and technological activities, international cooperation, and collaboration with scientific and technological organizations, production facilities, and businesses to enhance the school’s capacity for training and conducting scientific research.

· Improve teaching and studying facilities and conditions, lecturers’ profession and researchers’ capabilities, and training programs to ensure education quality.

· Plan and conduct training and professional development for lecturers, researchers, and other staff members of the faculty.

2. Scientific and Technological Activities:

· Conduct scientific and technological projects and tasks according to the school’s objectives.

· Organize, coordinate, and participate in international and domestic scientific conferences.

· Publish scientific articles in journals and conference proceedings internationally and domestically.

· Collaborate with training institutions, scientific organizations, and domestic and foreign businesses to carry out projects, initiatives, and consulting services for businesses.

· Develop teaching materials and textbooks for the faculty’s training programs, as well as specialized books for larger audience of researchers and students.

· Develop strong research groups in areas such as the digital economy, the economic efficiency of businesses using digital platforms, social welfare, population livelihoods, sustainable development, poverty analysis, inequality, minimum wage, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, measuring and evaluating business performance, supply chain management, and international finance.

· Supervise research projects of students.