Our lecturers

1. Full-time lecturers

Currently, the Faculty of Economics and Management has 23 full-time lecturers, four part-time lecturers (including the Faculty’s leadership), and one teaching specialist. Most of the teaching staff have studied and researched in developed countries and have extensive teaching and research experience. The faculty, in particular, includes two leading economists whose numerous scientific research contributions have been recognized at an international level, making significant contributions to scientific research.

The faculty’s lecturers are increasingly mature in their professional expertise. Up to now, the faculty has had three lecturers who are associate professors; 17 of 28 lecturers have doctoral degrees and eight masters, of which three are doctoral students.

1Nguyen Thi Kim OanhPhDActing Headnguyenthikimoanh@vnu.edu.vn
2Nguyen Phuong MaiPhDDeputy Headmainp@isvnu.vn
3Chu Van HungMScProfessional team leaderhungcv@isvnu.vn
4Pham Huong TrangMA, MBA – Doctoral studentProfessional team leadertrangph@isvnu.vn
5Do Phuong HuyenPhDLecturerhuyendp@isvnu.vn
6Vu Xuan DoanAssoc. Prof.DrLecturerDoanvx@isvnu.vn
7Chu Huy AnhMScLectureranhhc@isvnu.vn
8Nguyen Phu HungPhDLecturerhungnp@isvnu.vn
9Nguyen Thi Hong HanhPhDLecturernguyenthihonghanh@vnu.edu.vn
10Nguyen Thi Minh HuyenMSc -Doctoral studentLecturerhuyenntm@isvnu.vn
12Doan Thu TrangPhDLecturertrangdt@isvnu.vn
13Tran Thi Thuy AnhMScLectureranhttt@isnvu.vn
14Bui My TrinhPhDLecturertrinhbm@isvnu.vn
15Le Thi MaiPhDLecturermailt@isvnu.vn
16Ho Nguyen Nhu YPhDLectureryhonguyen@isvnu.vn
17Le Huong LinhPhDLecturerlinhlh@isvnu.vn
18Tran Cong ThanhPhDLecturerthanhtc@isvnu.vn
19Tran Quang TuyenPhDLecturertuyentranquang@isvnu.vn
20Nguyen Viet CuongPhDLecturercuongnv@isvnu.vn
21Nguyen Khanh LinhMScLecturerlinhnk@isvnu.vn 
22Nguyen Viet ThanhPhDLecturerthanhmpa@gmail.com
23Le Thi Thu HuongPhDLecturerhuongltt@isvnu.vn 
24Bui Thi Phuong LanMScTeaching specialistlanbp@isvnu.vn
25Nguyen Trung HienPhDHead of Office of Student Affairshiennt@isnvu.vn
26Mai AnhPhDHead of Office of Academic Affairsanhmd@isvnu.vn
27Nguyen Van DinhAssoc.Prof. DrVice-Rectordinhnv@isvnu.vn
28Ngo Tri TrungMScDeputy Head of Office of Student Affairsngotritrung@isvnu.vn






2.Experts collaborating with the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Management has experts from major domestic and foreign universities. Some international lecturers come as visiting lecturers from prestigious universities globally and the International Scholars Attraction Program implemented by the VNU.

1Richard Lionel PearlABDKEUKA 
2Hoang D.QuanMScA.I Capital Group 
3Takuya KanekoAssoc. Prof.DrInternational Christian University 
4Unang MulkhanPhDLampung University, Indonesia 
5Hans-Jorg Von MetteinhemPhDIPAG Business School 
6Peter James CoaryMScDoan Thi Diem School 
7Aleksandra SkibinskaPhDWollongong University, Sydney, Australia 
8Rajnish SharmaMScHuu Nghi Construction Materials Production Joint Stock Company 
9Trinh Anh HuyPhDPostal Equipment Joint Stock Company 
10Nguyen Thi Hai AnMScState Bank of Vietnam 


3. Visiting lecturers

The Faculty of Economics and Management hosts a number of regular visiting lecturers who are experts in various fields. They come from major domestic and foreign universities.

1Cao Xuan PhongMScMinistry of Justice
2Diem Thi Thanh HaiPhDPhenika University
3Dinh Cong HoangPhDInstitute of African and Middle Eastern Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)
4Ha Cong Anh BaoPhDForeign Trade University
5Le Quang DungPhDNational Economics University
6Le Van LienPhDAcademy of Finance
7Ly Dai HungPhDInstitute for Vietnam’s Economy
8Nguyen Anh ThuPhDUniversity of Social Sciences and Humanities
9Nguyen Duc NamMScResearch and Life Psychology Corporation (SHARE)
10Nguyen Thi Anh ThoMScHanoi Law university
11Nguyen Thi Dieu ThuPhDUniversity of Transport Technology
12Nguyen Thi Phuong DungPhDHanoi University of Science and Technology
13Nguyen Thi Thanh HoaiAssoc. Prof.DrAcademy of Finance
14Dao Thi Tuyet NhungPhDUniversity of Foreign Languages, VNU
15Nguyen Tien DungPhDHanoi University of Science and Technology
16Pham Thi My HanhPhDForeign Trade University
17Pham Xuan TruongMScForeign Trade University
18Phan Quoc NguyenPhDFaculty of Law – VNU
19Phan Thi Thanh ThuyPhDFaculty of Law – VNU
20Tran Tat ThanhPhDNational Economics University
21Trinh Thi Thu HangPhDVNU University of Economics
22Nguyen Minh TrangMScAcademy of Foreign Affairs
23Nguyen Thi Kim AnhAssoc. Prof.DrUniversity of Economics – National University
24Nguyen Nam TrungMScMSIG Vietnam Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd
25Ngo Tu LapPhDFrancophone International Institute
26Pham Duc HieuAssoc. Prof.DrUniversity of Trade
27Do Thi BinhPhDUniversity of Trade
28Tran Minh ThuPhDTran Minh Thu
29Nguyen Thi Thanh LamMScAcademy of Foreign Affairs
30Nguyen Manh HaMScTH Food Chain Joint Stock Company (TH Group)