Survey results

With the aim of continuously improving the quality of teaching and learning, VNUIS periodically organizes to collect feedback from students, alumni, staff, lecturers, external organization about School activities. The stakeholder feedback collection system was built by VNUIS according to Instruction No. 581/HD-ĐHQGHN dated February 20, 2020 by VNU with adjustments to the characteristics of VNUIS. Accordingly, the School has implemented specific activities:

1.1 Survey on teaching activities: 2 reports/year (from 2016 up to now)

1.2 Survey on employment status: one report/year (from 2016 up to now)

1.3. Survey on employer satisfaction: one report/year (from 2019 up to now)

1.4 Survey on facilities and support services: 2 reports/year (from 2016 to 2019)

1.5. Survey on public service satisfaction: 1 report in 2019