Domestic Accreditation

Implementing program accreditation in accordance with the regulations of MOET and VNU, every year VNUIS registers for accreditation at program level. Specifically:

In 2019, VNUIS completed the accreditation of Bachelor of International Business (International Business) program according to MOET standards. The program is accredited and recognized by the Center for Higher Education Accreditation, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2021, VNUIS conducted self-assessment of 02 programs: Bachelor of Accounting, Analysis and Auditing according to the criteria of MOET and Bachelor of Information System Management according to AUNQA criteria, proceeding to external assessment for Bachelor of Accounting, Analysis, Auditing program and peer assessment for Bachelor of Information System Management program.

Through self-assessment and accreditation activities at program level, VNUIS meets the quality assurance conditions and enrollment targets, on the other hand, self-assessment results and recommendations from Accreditation Centers are used for enhancing the quality of programs to meet the needs of learners and society.