Missions & Visions


Training: Serving our University’s mission, Faculty of Applied Linguistics  ​​is responsible for creating an internationalized English environment, performing the task of English language training for university students to reach B2 level (CEFR); implementing Bachelor’s and postgraduate programs in interdisciplinary majors that combine English language and specialized fields which are the strength of the University such as business, IT, computer science, biomedicine, foreign affairs, media, etc. Training programs are built and operated in compliance with international accreditation standards, contributing to regional and international integration, serving the development of the country by providing quality human resources with high ESP proficiency as well as excellent science and technology products, especially in the 4.0 era where a knowledge-based economy requires a very high level of specialization.

Science and technology, and knowledge transfer: The Faculty conducts scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of applied linguistics, such as language technology, computer language, specialized translation and interpretation, English teaching methods, multilingual education, multilingual literature, foreign language education policy, etc.



The faculty develops training programs and scientific research in applied linguistics to catch up with regional and international top universities. In addition, the faculty aims to provide high-quality training and programs according to prestigious domestic and international accreditation standards.