Functions and Duties


1. Consulting International School’s Board of Rectors on direction, strategies, operations and implementation of consulting, training and knowledge transferring tasks in accordance with International School’s functions, duties and development strategies.

2. Providing training services to organizations and businesses that meet social needs and align with International School’s functions; and to undergraduates and graduates in order to develop their in-depth knowledge and soft skills suitable for their majors.

3. Providing consulting services of strategic solutions, innovation, operations of organizations and enterprises; overseas education, student exchange, job connections; personal capability development, career orientation for undergraduates, graduates and others.

4. Implementing activities relating to intellectual property, services of conferencing, informing, consulting, popularizing and applying scientific and technological knowledge; transfer of research and technology products, International School’s Solution Consulting Service products conforming to laws; acquiring external knowledge and transferring it to International School for training, scientific research and management activities.

5. Associating and co-operating with domestic and overseas organizations to implement technology transfer, knowledge transfer, short-term training activities and other services in accordance with the Center’s functions and missions.


1. Training activities

a) Providing services of training, fostering knowledge and skills for students as well as learners; education services in engineering, technology, social science, economics, finance, banking, human management and administration, business administration, development economics, foreign languages, and other training programs for individuals and organizations that are in need.

b) Developing teaching plan, teaching content and curriculum; recruiting as planned.

c) Proposing, implementing partnership programs in the Center’s training activities;

d) Managing student’s recruitment files and their training process.

e) Proposing, managing and issuing professional training certificates.


2. Consulting activities and services

a) Consulting in economics, HR, business administration, foreign language, information technology and other areas to enhance capabilities of organizations and individuals with needs.

b) Providing consulting services for overseas study, supporting overseas study services and student exchange.

c) Proactively exploit, organize and transfer applied research topics, pass on experience and give advice to organizations and individuals on demand.


3. Knowledge acquisition and transfer

a) Cooperating with domestic and foreign businesses and organizations to build network for IS students’ practice and internship; applying recruitment standards in training suitable for business’s needs, ensuring that eligible students will have post-graduate employment;

b) Raising funds for development support from resources of organizations and businesses for the implementation of the Center’s duties;

c) Hosting scientific workshops on topics of interest; topics related to training, researching and developing business’s human resources; topics approved and encouraged by Vietnam National University, Hanoi and International School;

d) Participating in making a bid for scientific research topics and projects.

4. Associating and co-operating with international organizations to implement technology transfer, knowledge transfer and short-term training activities

5. Performing other tasks assigned by the Rector.