Hội thảo quốc tế ICECH 2023

Hội thảo quốc tế ICECH 2023

Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Economics and Management, University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University, Hanoi, National Economics University – Faculty of Business and Management, The University of Danang – University of Economics, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam National University – International School, Foreign Trade University, University of Hertfordshire (UK), AVSE Global (France) and PPM School of Management (Indonesia) will organize the 9th International Conference on Emerging Challenges: Smart Business and Digital Economy (ICECH2023) in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam on November 3-4, 2023.  We would like to invite you to be a part of the ICECH2023 and submit your research papers for presentation consideration.

The aim of ICECH2023 is to provide a forum for academics and professionals to share research findings, experiences and knowledge for growth and sustainability in Asia-Pacific. We welcome the submissions in Economics, Business, Innovation Management, and Business Law.

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their work at the Conference. In addition, authors of best papers will also be invited to submit their papers to a special issue or a regular issue for publication consideration in selected journals. These papers will also be under an official double-blind peer-reviewed process by the journal.  This conference will be organized on the following tracks and topics:


– E-Business and Management Information System

– Corporate Social Responsibility

– Shaping hospitality distribution efficiency

Supply Chain and Operation Management

– Sustainable Supply Chain Management

– Digitalization Supply Chain Management

– Supply Chain Risk Management

– Lean Industry 4.0

Finance and Banking

– Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Insurance

– Digital Currency & Cryptocurrency

– International investment flows & Financial Markets

– Exchange rate, fiscal and monetary policies

– Green Banking and Financial Conglomerates

– Bank Diversification and Universal banks

– Analysis and Risk Management of Banking institutions

Innovation and Technology

– Social Innovation

– Strategic Management

– Social Entrepreneurship

– Innovation and Emerging Technologies in the new business world

Accounting and Auditing

– Sustainable Accounting

– Digital Accounting and Auditing

– Creative Accounting

– Public Sector Accounting in the new normal context

Supporting Journals:

  • Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (SSCI, Scopus Q1, Q2, IF = 3.979, UK)
  • Journal of Risk Finance (ESCI, Scopus Q3, UK)
  • Pacific Asia of the Association for Information System (ESCI)
  • Global Finance Journal (SSCI, Q2, IF=2.853) Special Issue: Digital Finance for Technological Progress (GFJ)
  • International Review of Economics and Finance (SSCI, Q2, IF=3.399) (IREF)
  • VNU Journal of Science: Economics and Business
  • Journal of Economic Studies (The University of Danang – University of Economics)
  • Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) (Scopus; ESCI-WoS)
  • Journal of Management and Business Review (JMBR)
  • Journal of Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development (JVSD)
  • Journal of International Economics and Management (JIEM)

Thông tin chi tiết tại: http://icech.hust.edu.vn

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